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Alan Tubbs reviews Tone Beast

  Wednesday 18 September 2013, 10:49
The same day the TB12 Tone Beast arrived, I received a long email from Bryce Young, the mother and father of the Warm Audio WA12 mic preamp [Tape Op #91], explaining his new baby. I was busy and only glanced at the email, but when I opened the box and saw that the honking orange, 1RU-height TB12 is festooned with more knobs and buttons than you could shake a snake at, I went back to the email to figure out what I had on hand. The TB12 is basically a WA12 "Plus" - and the WA12 is Bryce's take on the classic API 312. But a lot goes into making the TB12 a whole new Beast.

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Alan Tubbs reviews Tone Beast