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MH Hardware and Software MacOS 10.12 Sierra Compatible

  Friday 21 October 2016, 12:47
All Metric Halo Hardware and Software is macOS 10.12 Sierra Compatible from Day 1

Although pro audio manufacturers like to throw around the word "future-proof," no one can compare with Metric Halo's proven track record. Indeed, users of its 2882 hardware interface, introduced in 2000, are still using their original boxes with modern Macs via a well-coordinated plan of free software upgrades that keep them current! That philosophy and dedication extends to Metric Halo's hardware drivers, MIO Console software, plug-in software, and SpectraFoo software, all of which are completely compatible with Mac's newest operating system, 10.12 Sierra. No need to worry about incompatibility issues with Metric Halo, everything will simply work after the OS upgrade just as it did before the OS upgrade. Easy peasy.