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Aurora-Apollo-Orion: Comparing on connectivity

  Friday 04 October 2013, 10:45

So how do the Lynx Aurora, UA Apollo 16 and Antelope Orion compare on connectivity?

Obviously the most important factor in choosing a converter is its audio quality. Before Buying, make sure you have a good chance to critically listen to the converters you are Considering. Then, after this, take a good look at connectivity, the second most crucial factor. There are three important points to consider for converter connectivity.

Aurora-Apollo-Orion: Comparing on connectivity

First, does a converter offer the connectivity now and into the future that you will need? Most studios try to get several years of service from their converters, so being able to Use it now and adapt for the future is important. 

Second, how well does the converter work with today's and tomorrow's computers? Windows as well as mac? Pro tools as well as nuendo, wavelab, cakewalk, reaper, etc. Third, if you can't connect to your computer, you can't connect to your customer.

Let's take a fair and only slightly biased look at how these three converters connect.