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Hilo Firmware Version 6 Now Available

  Friday 28 March 2014, 08:41

News from Lynx Studio Technology

Firmware version 6 for Hilo is now available. It includes Hilo Remote control for Mac and PC, for both Thunderbolt and USB. More information on the new features of Hilo FW6 can be found here:

Hilo Firmware Version 6 Now Available

There are some very nice added capabilities and it works with both the USB and Thunderbolt models of Hilo. The new Hilo TB manual provides our end users with an overview.

Any Hilo USB owner can download Firmware 6 and Hilo Remote from our website and use them immediately.

Any Hilo owner who has already bought and installed the LT-TB can also get Firmware 6 for these added features.