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Lynx LT-HD imiteert HD I/O

  Tuesday 14 August 2012, 12:46
Lynx Studio Technology laat weten dat er nieuwe firmware beschikbaar is voor hun LT-HD optie board. Concreet betekent dit dan een Aurora converter met LT-HD zich met deze gedraagt als een AVID HD I/O. Wat dat precies inhoudt leest u hieronder.
Lynx LT-HD imiteert HD I/O

COSTA MESA, CA  -  AUGUST 15, 2012   Lynx Studio Technology has announced a revised version of the LT-HD firmware for their Aurora converters. The LT-HD Version 10 firmware update allows the Aurora 16 and Aurora 8 to emulate the interface characteristics of the Avid HD I/O converter, allowing seamless operation with the latest Pro Tools offerings from Avid. Lynx has also announced a limited time offer for buyers to get the LT-HD card with updated LT-HD firmware for free when purchased with a new Aurora converter.

"Avid made several improvements with the HDX card and Pro Tools 10. The new LT-HD firmware update allows current and new Aurora owners to get the most out of their Pro Tools HDX or Native equipped studio. Emulation of the HD I/O delay allows lower latency monitoring and the ability to use Lynx and Avid hardware in the same system with sample accuracy," stated Bob Bauman, Lynx co-founder and chief hardware engineer, who spearheaded the LT-HD firmware project.

New features include:

  • Two modes of Avid HD I/O emulation: 32-channel mode provides two instances of the 8 x 8 x 8 analog and digital in and out model, 16-channel mode provides one instance of the 16 x 16 analog in and out model.
  • Emulation of HD I/O delay times to ensure accurate delay compensation within Pro Tools. No manual adjustments needed.
  • Improved internal clock management provides compatibility with changes in Avid hardware.

"Thousands of studios worldwide have adopted Aurora converters as their standard, for its pristine audio quality, versatility and value. This update for the LT-HD card provides even more versatility to Aurora," according to Phil Moon, Lynx VP of Sales and Marketing.

For a limited time Lynx is offering the opportunity to purchase an Aurora 8, Aurora 16 or Aurora 16-VT with the LT-HD card preinstalled at no added cost. This is a retail savings of $395, if the LT-HD is purchased separately. This special will run from July 20 to October 31, 2012.

Lynx has always been committed to long-term support of our customers' needs. Current owners of LT-HD equipped Aurora converters can update to the LT-HD functionality at no charge with a simple firmware update. New hardware is not required.