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Lynx testing with Pro Tools 11

  Tuesday 02 July 2013, 10:48
Lynx lets us know they have been testing the new Pro Tools 11 software with Aurora converters with the LT-HD card for HDX and Native interfaces,  the AES16e card, and Hilo via the LT-USB.
Lynx testing with Pro Tools 11

They report not to have found any issues with performance, connectivity or stability. They also tested using a Sonnet Thunderbolt chassis and again no issues.

This is good news for users of Aurora converters that wish to continue to do so with this new Avid release. It is also good news to people who want to use Hilo or an Aurora/AES16e setup on a non-HD system.

Lynx ST will run more extensive tests next week. Lynx converters and interfaces again prove to be an excellent, stable and cost effective addition to any Pro Tools studio.