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Mixing McCartney's latest with Recoil Stabilizers™

  Wednesday 13 June 2012, 10:03
In 2009 Paul McCartney decided it was time he record an album of old standards, songs from the 20's through 40's that had inspired him as a younger musician. His first contact was to enlist producer Tommy LiPuma and his long-time studio collaborator and 18-time Grammy award winner Al Schmitt. The recording includes contributions from Canadian jazz talent Diana Krall and guest appearances from Stevie Wonder and Eric Clapton.
Mixing McCartney's latest with Recoil Stabilizers™
Al Schmitt was an early adopter of Primacoustic's Recoil Stabilizers and his monitors have lived atop them for all his projects since. According to Al: "I was suspect at first, but after a few minutes with the Recoil Stabilizers I realized how much difference they made. Especially on the low end. I'm keeping these. They work." ~ Kisses on the Bottom was released February 2012