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NHK upgrade with APEQ-8proDIO

  Thursday 08 December 2011, 15:40

Japanese National Broadcasters NHK upgrade with APEQ-8proDIO acoustic power equalizers by Real Sound Lab

[Riga / Latvia] (December 8, 2011) – Real Sound Lab Japan has recently delivered first 9 units of APEQ-8proDIO Acoustic Power Equalizers to NHK's broadcasting relay division where APEQ™ units will be implemented in their 22.2 channel monitoring environment. NHK has been working and experimenting with 22.2 monitoring systems for years now and the biggest event they will be using this setup for in 2012 is the London Olympics.

NHK upgrade with APEQ-8proDIO
Their monitoring systems will be analyzed by Real Sound Lab unique COENQ™ measurement software and from the gathered data very precise compensation filters will be created and exported to APEQ™ hardware equalizers, ensuring the best performance and pronunciation for their loudspeakers.

When Real Sound Lab Japan did a CONEQ™ demonstration at NHK's studios for their 22.2 system, NHK engineers commented "The announcer's voice became very similar to the real voice when CONEQ™ was applied. The clarity of sound image was dramatically improved and much more precise mixing now can be done. It is very challenging to make 24 speaker systems perform well, but with the CONEQ™ compensation applied the result was excellent. We tested our system with CONEQ™ treatment applied by listening to recorded golf tournament and figure skating. We felt like we were standing right in the middle of that golf course and the same with the skating rink."

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