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Producer Lorenzo Cortés upgrades studio with Yamaha Nuage

  Friday 31 July 2015, 16:09
Spanish composer and producer Lorenzo Cortés, with a career of more than 20 years of music production for television, radio and the internet, has upgraded his studio in Zaragoza with a Yamaha Nuage. Lorenzo said he wanted a system that would be intuitive, seamless and ensure that he could concentrate solely on music creation and production, rather than having to think about the technical side of the process.
Producer Lorenzo Cortés upgrades studio with Yamaha Nuage
'Nuage satisfies every composer and producer's dream of having seamless integration between hardware and software in a smooth, fast to operate system,' he said. 'I have a long history with Steinberg recording software -- I've been a Cubase user ever since its very first Atari version back in 1989. The combination of Nuendo and Yamaha hardware has made this system exceed every expectation of usability and productivity, which ultimately leads to genuine enjoyment when working.'