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PSI Audio AVAA - Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber

  Monday 08 June 2015, 08:46
PSI Audio has been manufacturing high-end monitors for over 40 years in their workshops in Switzerland. They have developed several unique high-tech analogue technologies that make their monitors incomparable in terms of sound image. Examples include their famous CPR (Compensated Phase Response) and AOI (Adaptive Output Impedance).
PSI Audio AVAA - Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber

PSI Audio's outstanding products are used by the most demanding sound engineers who require the best possible monitoring system. The room is however often the weakest element in the system when it has too much reverberation that spoils confortable listening. Especially with low frequency standing waves that are the most difficult to absorb.

Several solutions exist to try and counter these reverberations: room equalisation, bass traps or noise cancelling by emitting opposite noise. Unfortunately all existing solutions have disadvantages such as altering the direct sound, being unstable, not being self-adapting, or using up a lot of space.

PSI Audio engineers have again used their creativity, knowledge and experience to develop a revolutionary product: the AVAA (Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber).

The AVAA actually acts as an "anti-wall" by neutralising the negative reflective effects of the walls. Through PSI Audio's patented technology, it will transform acoustic pressure into acoustic velocity and absorb it over a large range of frequencies.

With a surface of 0.2 m2, an AVAA is as effective in absorbing low frequencies as 1.5 m2 of perfect sound absorber (such as a hole in the wall).

The key advantages are the following:

  • Auto-adaptive and stable
  • No sound emitted, no alteration of direct sound
  • Effective from 15 to 120 Hz
  • Can easily be turned on and off to change the acoustic environment
  • Modular, small footprint, movable asset

The commercial product will be finalised this summer. In the meantime we will be sharing more detailed information and white papers on our website. Please stay tuned...