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PSI Audio AVAA C20, how does it work, what does it do?

  Thursday 31 May 2018, 14:46
Yverdon-les-Bains, 1st June 2018 –The hardest part of setting up a great listening room is getting the room acoustics right, and the hardest part of getting the room acoustics right is dealing with room modes. These low frequency resonancesare both particularly annoying and extremely tough to get rid off. Traditional absorber elements require quite a lot of volume to deal with the long wavelengths of the bass and sub bass spectrums, taking up much of the space in a listening room. PSI Audio solves this problem with the Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber AVAA C20 – a compact, active bass trap that simply eliminates modes from the room.
An acoustic hole in the wall – that can be moved!
Room modes occur when sound waves are reflected by a hard surface like a wall in such a way that the incoming wave and the reflected wave are aligned to either boost this frequency or eliminate it completely. Resonances and holes in the spectrum then taint the sound. The PSI Audio AVAA C20 affects the air's acoustic impedance, which makes it act like a hole in the wall much larger than the actual device. Instead of reflecting the problematic sound waves and making the room sound boomy or hollow, the AVAA C20 absorbs them, resulting in a much clearer and more even acoustic experience. Typically, the bass trap is positioned in a room's corners, but if a specific room requires the AVAA C20 to stand at a different point, it is no problem to just pick it up and place it where it works best.

Innovative technology for maximum listening pleasure
To achieve its astonishing effect, the PSI Audio AVAA C20 employs a microphone that measures the sound pressure in front of an acoustic resistance. This resistance lets the air pass through, but reduces the pressure significantly by transforming it into velocity. A driven membrane then absorbs the velocity, eliminating the sound from the room, while ensuring a specific acoustic impedance in front of the acoustic resistance that makes the AVAA act as a pressure sink. This unique concept gives the AVAA the edge over other active or passive low frequency absorbers, endowing numerous advantages upon the PSI Audio system.

No anti-sound, no tuning, no calibration required
For once, the PSI Audio AVAA C20 does not work with anti-sound. Some systems tried to eliminate problematic frequencies by generating phase-reversed sound waves. While this does work to some extent, it can never achieve the same even and virtually resonance-free room response the AVAA provides. Anti-sound systems typically need to be tuned to specific frequencies or calibrated to the listening position, as they will not change the overall sound of the room but only the perceived sound at one certain point. The AVAA C20 does not require this kind of calibration as it just eliminates the reflections in a broad band of frequencies, achieving a very even sound in the whole room. The PSI Audio system also does not require being tuned to specific frequencies but will simply react to all problems in the range from 15 to 150 Hz, making the system super-easy to set up.

Correct the room, not the sound
A very common way of treating frequency problems in a room is the use of filters and equalizers. If certain frequencies build resonances, they will just be cut from the signal until an even response is generated. The problem with this approach is that it mainly affects the signal coming from the speakers, essentially modifying the direct sound to compensate for room mode problems. With the PSI Audio AVAA C20, the direct sound stays intact and can reach the listener unaltered, while the room response is being corrected by the active bass trap. Users also find that by using the AVAA C20, the whole sound is affected, not just the bass. While uncontrolled bass resonances may have smeared and masked the sound of mids and highs before, with the AVAA active bass trap everything becomes clearer and more transparent.

Compact, efficient, mobile – the bass trap that moves with you
Traditional acoustics need to be built into a room and typically are permanent. When moving to a new place, the expensive acoustics must often be torn down, getting damaged in the process or maybe not suiting the new room at all. Classic absorbers also require a lot of volume to affect low frequencies. The PSI Audio AVAA C20, on the other hand, is an extremely compact system that requires very little room. And when a change of scenery is necessary, it can just be put in the new room with no building required to take it off or set it back up.

A perfect fit: choose your own colour!
While its compact size already commends the AVAA C20 to be used in living rooms and home cinemas, its design can be accommodated to suit individual needs. PSI Audio offers the device in two standard colours: black and white. For a small fee the exterior can be customised to virtually any colour. The AVAA C20 can also be placed behind curtains and thus integrates seamlessly into any environment.