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SH25-76S Soft Dome Tweeter

  Tuesday 07 July 2015, 15:38
The SH25-76S is ATC's premium 25mm soft dome tweeter, designed and built with the same no compromise philosophy as all other ATC drive units and to perfectly compliment the renowned SM75-150S SuperDome mid-range driver. Unlike almost any other 25mm tweeter on the market the SH25-76S is a dual suspension design which ensures pistonic motion, suppressing anharmonic rocking modes, even at high drive levels, and enables the use of narrower magnetic gaps.
SH25-76S Soft Dome Tweeter

This, along with a short coil, long gap configuration ensures unparalleled linearity and incredibly low distortion throughout its intended operating band. The soft dome diaphragm is based on a complex geometry which maximises power transfer from the former, extending the high frequency response and giving a smooth off-axis response.
The massive neodymium motor with heat treated top plate is optimised to give a 20,000 Gauss (2.0 Tesla) in the magnetic gap, extending the frequency response well beyond 20kHz and resulting in moderately high sensitivity, even with the very strong, welldamped structures employed. The huge motor assembly also performs the secondary function of dissipating heat away from the coil and ensuring high power handling and low power compression. The motor topology and moving assembly design negate the requirement for ferro fluid. The SH25-76S is therefore, free from the detrimental effects of this drying out over time.

The geometry of the waveguide is designed for optimum dispersion and an extended on-axis frequency response. It is made from a precision machined alloy so that the entire structure is extremely rigid and free from resonances.

The SH25-76S is now being fitted to:
SCM20PSL Pro Mk2
SCM20ASL Pro Mk2

- Sensitivity 91.5 ±0.5 dB/W @1m
- Nominal Impedance 6 Ω
- Frequency Linearity (±2dB) 1.5kHz to 22kHz
- Cut-Off Frequency (-6dB) 26kHz
- Dispersion ±80° Coherent
- Magnetic Gap Height 3.0mm
- Coil Length 2.0mm
- Magnetic Gap Flux Density 2.0 Tesla/20000 Gauss
- Weight 0.34kg