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Software Version 3.0 for TouchMonitor

  Thursday 18 April 2013, 10:51
News for RTW/TC Electronic TM-series owners.

  • Keys defined in the Global Keyboard can be assigned as invisible on the display if it is desired to have the functionality only to be selected through the GPI input.
  • Additional keys and GPI functionality added. Pause, Start+R (envel) (Slope mode Start with Reset and Stop at end of slope), Start+R (pulse) (impulse to Start with Reset and Stop with next impulse).
  • In LRA instrument the I scale in "MagicLRA + I" and MagicLRA + I + Num" modes shows beside the mark for the current I value (cyan colored point on the scale) a corresponding colored bargraph. If the mark for the I value exceeds the scale and is not visible anymore, the bargraph displays that the measurement is still running.
Software Version 3.0 for TouchMonitor
  • Help text with PPM scales for english language corrected.
  • Exporting system settings will automatically create a directory structure if not already present.
  • For stereo operation the NORMAL/LFE selection has been disabled. This function is only useful for Surround modes.
  • The numerical value in small PPM instruments is now correctly rounded.
  • The cursor visibility especially on the menu pages has been improved.
  • The wrong TruePeak labelling in numerical displays under certain conditions has been corrected.
  • The range for the analog reference adjustment ("Analog Input Cal." option of the "Analog References" menu) has been expanded to 0 to 14 dBu.
  • Size of the "Leq(k)" units adjusted for large scale Dialnorm instrument display
  • With "manual" selected for the Peakhold option of the Loudness Sum instrument the Start, Stop, and Reset keys were blocked. Resolved.
  • Missing key for LFE phase warning added to SSA menu.
  • The behaviour of the Gain key of the PPM or Moving Coil instruments in the analog domain has been corrected.
  • In TM7 the minimum vertical size of the Moving Coil instrument has been adjusted for better placement.
  • With a full screen moving coil display a mono signal failed to read dual color. It was working fine with small size moving coil instruments. The disappearing of one of the needles has been fixed.
  • The S-Gain problem of moving coil instruments with British scale has been fixed.
  • The BR Peak adjustment of the Moving Coil instrument now uses the same units as the BR scale.
  • The lower and upper scale mark (2 dB marks) in the BR extended scales of the Moving Coil instrument have been removed.