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Sonnox AAX Update

  Monday 10 December 2012, 13:44

Good news for Pro Tools|HDX customers.

 1.  TransMod plug-in released for AAX.

2.  Dynamics plug-in is on it's way... with others to follow.

3.  New combined 'HD-HDX' licence authorises AAX DSP, TDM and Native versions.

4.  AAX DSP upgrades simplified.  One upgrade.  One price for all plugs. 

Sonnox AAX Update
HD-HDX combined licence.
We'd like to make it easier for Pro Tools|HDX users to obtain Sonnox bundles.The new combined HD-HDX licence authorises AAX DSP, TDM and Native versions, so users can take advantage of the savings made by purchasing a bundle, and download the AAX products as they are released. This will be more cost effective than buying each AAX plug-in as it's released. 

TDM - AAX DSP upgrades
We've also simplified upgrades from TDM to AAX DSP.  We now call them HD-HDX upgrades. Customers keep their TDM + Native licence and gain an AAX DSP licence.

HD-HDX upgrades (from TDM) are all one fixed price of £50 GBP for each plug-in (Euro standard exchange ratio will be applied).   

To upgrade a bundle such as Sonnox Elite for example, you should order the seven plug-ins in the Elite bundle as HD-HDX upgrades.

Please find the latest prices on online


If you have any AAX or upgrade questions at all please just ask.