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Sonnox committed supporting Avid's new AAX format

  Monday 07 November 2011, 11:31

Two plug-ins will be available in January 2012 and others will be introduced early in 2012.  We will continue to offer TDM plug-ins to the vast Pro Tools HD market as a separate product line.

Two versions: AAX Native and AAX DSP
Since the work required to develop AAX-DSP plug-ins is considerably more extensive than for AAX-Native, Sonnox will offer two separate product lines, so Native users won't pay extra for something they won't use.

Sonnox committed supporting Avid's new AAX format

AAX-DSP comes bundled together with an AAX-Native licence. Pricing will be identical to the new (lower) TDM pricing. 

- Native -
Native includes all supported native formats:  AAX-Native, RTAS, VST and Audio Units. 

- TDM -
TDM licences will continue to be bundled with a native licence. 

TDM to AAX DSP options
There are two options for an existing Sonnox TDM plug-in owner who would like an AAX DSP licence.

TDM licence is exchanged for an AAX DSP licence. Cost: 75% off list price of the AAX plug-in.
Example:  Inflator (AAX DSP) retail = £195 GBP  Exchange price = £48.75 GBP. Multi-pick discount does not apply to exchanges.

'Supplementary Purchase' 
Customer keeps TDM licence and purchases an additional licence for AAX DSP. Cost: 40% off list price of the AAX plug-in (only for existing TDM owners). Example:  Inflator (AAX DSP) retail = £195 GBP  Supplementary Purchase price = £117 GBP. Multi-pick discount is not applicable for these sales.

Exchanges are only available from the Sonnox website.

Important: Exchanges can only take place once the TDM plug-in is upgraded to the latest (G5) TDM version. Only then can it be exchanged for an AAX DSP licence.  Cost: £15 GBP from previous version (G4) or slightly more from older versions. 

Native to AAX options
AAX-Native.  The new version of Sonnox Native plug-ins will include AAX-Native versions as outlined above.  In order for an existing Sonnox Native plug-in owner to obtain a AAX-Native version, he must simply upgrade to the new Native version (G5) -available in December.  Cost: £15 GBP

Sonnox Native plug-in owners may cross-grade to AAX-DSP versions. Cost:  simply the difference between AAX-DSP and Native.

I want to buy a bundle but not all AAX versions are ready.
AAX-DSP.  Since not all Sonnox plug-ins will initially be available for AAX-DSP, we recommend that you buy the native version now, and then cross-grade at a later stage when all relevant plug-ins are AAX-DSP compatible. You will end up paying exactly the same as the AAX-DSP prices.

AAX-Native. Buy a regular native bundle, and upgrades will be free of charge to the new G5 versions (which include AAX-Native when ready), for anyone who bought within 90 days of the G5 release (estimated early December).  AAX-Native versions will be made available to download for free when they are ready.

iLok 2
iLok 2 is required for all new Sonnox (G5) plug-ins which includes AAX versions.

For more detailed information please read the AAX FAQ section on the Sonnox website.