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TC Electronic communicates ITU BS.1770-3 loudness update

  Thursday 04 October 2012, 17:43
One month ago, ITU released a new version of the broadcast loudness standard, BS.1770. The version number has consequently changed from -2 to -3. TC Electronic announces they are already compliant with BS.1770-3.
TC Electronic communicates ITU BS.1770-3 loudness update

In BS.1770-3, the loudness part is the same as in BS.1770-2, while a few changes has been made to the true-peak section. Two options have been omitted, true-peak DC filter and true-peak emphasis. The omissions were recommended by TC as well as by Dolby via ITU input documents.

The new standard also includes an example of how to measure true-peak level. TC states they would have liked a more rigid specification, because the new recommendation still doesn't prevent companies from making sub-par implementations.

TC has exceeded BS.1770-3 on true-peak measurement since the release of the BrickWall 2 Limiter in 2002. While all their meters and processors relying on Icon are already compliant with BS.1770-3, new software will shortly be released where "BS.1770-2" labels are changed to "BS.1770-3". ETA of a new version of Icon covering machines such as DB2, DB4, DB8, DB4 MKII, DB8 MKII, S6k MKII and LM2: Mid October 2012.