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Trinnov D-MON to replace AVID X-MON

  Tuesday 20 January 2015, 18:30
Thanks to the partnership with the AVID 3rd party program, the D-Mon Series has been developed primarily to meet the Eucon protocol specifications and provide Avid customers with a comprehensive alternative to the X-Mon analog processor that has been used alongside their control surfaces to achieve their monitoring functions.
Yet, in our world of fully digital mixing rigs, the need of a digital unit able to connect directly to the DAW is very strong, especially when most of the studios just want to benefit from both domains and remain compatible with legacy consoles, control surfaces or DAW's.

Trinnov D-MON to replace AVID X-MON
  • Based on worldwide acclaimed Optimizer for perfect acoustic tuning of multiple stereo up to 7.1 speaker sets, with comprehensive functions and processings for advanced monitoring

  • Compliant with Avid control surfaces, including Eucon (S6, S5, S3), and X-Mon Midi (D-Control & D-Command) ¡V Ready to interface with Yamaha, Lawo, Calrec,¡K and many other protocols

  • Offer Full Audio Routing Matrix, User Assignable Functions (Main, Alternate, Cues, Talk-Back, Listen-Back, Headphones,¡K), an 18x16 Internal Mixer, Digital & Analog Inserts, fully assignable Intercom control.

D-Mon|8 (5.1/7.1 studios) : 24 Digital IOs | 8 Analog IOs | 8 Analog High Definition Outputs

D-Mon|4 (St./LCRS studios) : 8 Digital IOs | 4 Analog IOs | 8 Analog High Definition Outputs