Producer and engineer Mike Gonsolin on Metric Halo plugins

Dinsdag 08 juni 2021, 11:58 • 867 keer gelezen
Producer and engineer Mike Gonsolin on Metric Halo plugins WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 2021: Mike Gonsolin has strong opinions about sound and the tools that he uses to craft sound. An LA-based producer and engineer, Gonsolin founded and heads Trend Def Studios in West Hollywood. Trend Def Studios is a one-stop-shop that covers every angle of the music industry, including songwriting, producing, tracking, editing, mixing, mastering, and marketing.

PSI Audio en immersive 3D sound

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PSI Audio en immersive 3D sound Het is altijd belangrijk om een luidsprekersysteem te hebben dat u een nauwkeurig beeld van het geluid geeft, maar misschien is dat nergens zo belangrijk als bij "immersive audio". De hele sonische structuur van 3D-geluid staat of valt met de accurate synergie tussen de verschillende luidsprekers die bij de weergave betrokken zijn. Met dat in het achterhoofd wordt het duidelijk waarom PSI Audio luidsprekers buitengewoon geschikt zijn voor deze taak, gezien de staat van dienst van de Zwitserse fabrikant op het gebied van precisie.

Ed Cherney Tracks & Mixes Willie Nelson's ATC SCM45A

Vrijdag 22 maart 2019, 11:38 • 7620 keer gelezen
Ed Cherney Tracks & Mixes Willie Nelson's ATC SCM45A Ed Cherney Tracks & Mixes Willie Nelson's Grammy-Winning My Way on ATC SCM45A Monitors.

Veteran engineer Ed Cherney has added a fourth Grammy to his figurative trophy shelf for Willie Nelson's tribute to Frank Sinatra, My Way. It won "Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album," the same category Nelson and Cherney won in 2017 for Nelson's Gershwin tribute album, Summertime: Willie Nelson Sings Gershwin. Also, on Cherney's figurative trophy shelf are an Emmy (among four nominations) and eight TEC Awards, and he is a TEC Hall of Fame inductee.

PSI Audio CPR technology

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PSI Audio CPR technology It's not just a phase: PSI Audio uses proprietary CPR technology for perfect phase alignment in monitor speakers

PSI Audio employs the special CPR technology to phase align sonic reproduction in their professional active studio monitors. The Compensated Phase Response uses a number of all-pass filters to account for the delay of low frequencies that generally occurs in speakers. CPR makes sure every signal is reproduced in the most accurate way possible, retaining both its spectral and its temporal structure. Since phase is essential for locating signals in the stereo image, CPR in PSI Audio monitors enables users to precisely place audio in the acoustic space– in addition to the perfectly faithful and natural sound reproduction.

Feed-Forward Error Correction

Donderdag 18 oktober 2018, 12:55 • 8949 keer gelezen
Feed-Forward Error Correction

De Benchmark AHB2 eindversterker en HPA4 hoofdtelefoonversterker zijn beide voorzien van feed-forward foutcorrectie. Dit correctiesysteem is een belangrijke onderdeel van de gepatenteerde THX-AAA (Achromatic Audio Amplifier) -technologie. Het is een van de technieken die deze Benchmark-versterkers ook bij zware belasting nagenoeg vervormingsvrij houdt. Daarom kunnen deze versterkers een bandbreedte tot 500 kHz aan zonder het risico te lopen instabiel te worden bij een reactieve belasting (luidspreker).

John Lennon - imagine - the ultimate collection

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John Lennon - imagine - the ultimate collection ATC Monitors Used by Lurssen Mastering Engineers to Capture the Original Intent of the Recording

John Lennon's 1971 album Imagine, and its legendary title track are the former Beatle's most famous solo works. The album and the unconventional promotional film that accompanied it were recently remastered and reissued by Yoko Ono and the Lennon estate, with the original album supported by well over one hundred additional tracks of demo versions, studio outtakes, and isolated track elements. Called Imagine – The Ultimate Collection, the reissue spans four CDs and two surround sound Blu-ray discs.

Julian Wassermann works with PSI Audio A21-M

Woensdag 29 augustus 2018, 11:10 • 7968 keer gelezen
Julian Wassermann works with PSI Audio A21-M

Julian Wassermann enthrals partygoers and music fans in clubs and festivals all over the world with his deep techno tracks. Chart hits and exciting live performances emphasise his success, as do radio airplay and the inclusion of his tracks in setlists and playlists of established scene icons. In producing his soundscapes, Julian Wassermann trusts in the precise reproduction and accuracy of PSI Audio A21-M studio monitors from the Swiss manufacture.